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What Are The Different Types Of Pool Heaters?

Pool Heaters

In this article, you will learn the different types of pool heaters available in the market, and you can choose the right one as per your requirement. The different types of pool heaters have different features and offer various types of benefits. You can find the different types of pool heater information below.

Today, every product is tech based. From the website, we can see how there are many devices in the market for making people’s lives more easier. For instance, heat pool pumps are the perfect choice in terms of cost and seasonality.

You can pick gas pool heater for customizable and swift heating, but you must think about propane and gas costs. If the energy cost is affordable in your location, you can compare the price of the gas price. Even investing in an electric pool heater is the most feasible option. You must also want to ensure that the pool heater is fitted by experts so that you can prevent damages and injuries to the equipment.

Electric pool heaters have the compact design and it is installed to water like circulation line and obtains energy from the circuit, passing it to the heating aspect. The heating time is not quick as gas heaters but better than heat pumps. Heat Pump pool heaters function like a heat pump. The energy for the function of water heater gives the transfer of heat from different types of sources based on the heater type.

In some cases, the pump is situated underground, and once the water in the pump reached soil temperature, it goes through the heat exchanger. Sometimes the compressor collects the air, and the water gets heated up till it attains the temperature of the compressor.

Gas pool heaters work using propane or natural gas. The main benefit of a gas heater is that there is no constraint in temperature limits. A heat pump or solar panels maximum amount of energy has a limitation because of sunlight intensity as well as soil temperature. Using a gas pool heater, you can easily the temperature of water in the pool to the desired level. The design of the gas pool heater looks like a large boiler, and it is perfect for the periodic warming of the pool water at high speeds.

Solar pool heaters are the best choice in recent days since it helps you save money. Once you buy and started to use solar pool heater, you don’t want to think about unpleasant energy bills anymore. Though the solar pool heater works similar to boilers, the main difference is it receives energy from solar panels.

Above the Ground heater is another pool heater type and it has various options like solar and electric options in small and large models. You never expect high power from this type since the heating of this pool pump is less strong than the heat pump. In addition to investment on buying the pool pump, you should also think about the maintenance cost. You must also consider other factors that affect your buying decision. Even you can seek expert’s advice before deciding the pool type.