All You Wanted To Know About Fireplaces And Wood Heaters

All You Wanted To Know About Fireplaces And Wood Heaters

For those of you, who do not know what a wood heater is, they are nothing but heaters capable of burning fuels in the solid form to produce heat. Wood is the most popularly used fuel, till date. Use of organic pellets, peat and coal, has decreased a lot. Wood heaters are definitely the best alternatives when it comes to warm homes as seen at According to wood heaters are quite different from the fireplaces.

Wood heaters depend on both convective heat or radiant heat or sometimes, their combination to heat the rooms. As already mentioned, this heater is quite different in its mechanism, from fireplaces. Fireplaces are generally an integral part of the structure of the house. It is inserted into the chimney or the breast of the wall. On the other hand, a wood heater is a detachable device with a flue. It can be inserted into the existing fireplace. The other types of solid fuel heaters include boilers as well as furnaces. They are generally used along with the hydronic system to provide central heating. Often, various other kinds of solid fuel heaters can provide the entire home with a lot of heat, especially when it is used with heat shifters or even ceiling fans. For heating spaces wood heaters tend to be generally used, to either heat a big room or a living area.

Types Of Wood Heaters And Fire Places

Fireplaces: fireplaces made of brick and having a chimney are the kind of conventional types of wood burners. This does not take them away from the fact that they are the least efficient in the category of all sorts of burners. Only five to ten percent of the entire energy is used in heating up the whole room. They are capable of producing radiant heat and only a particular area gets heated up. The fireplaces are also very costly to install, as there is an extra cost of getting a chimney installed as well as a damper. Homes who have a chimney made of bricks always make a place for a fireplace insert.

Fireplace inserts: The inserts are an excellent way to increase the overall efficiency of a fireplace which is already there. The metal inserts can fit into the already existing brick fireplaces and they allow the movement of air around them and continue throughout the room. These inserts use both the radiant heat and convective heat given out by the fire and the air. They offer an excellent efficiency of approximately 23-25% if a flue is inserted.

Wood heaters; these heaters top the popularity charts. Their working principle is regulating the quantity of oxygen available to a fire and emitting heat either by giving it out from the body made of metal and the flue or by convection heat that the air released from the vents emanates, specially designed and meant for this purpose. They can employ both these methods, as well. These are the most efficient range of heaters, converting around fifty to seventy percent of the energy used, into household heat.

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