How To Choose A Car Lift Kit


Enthusiastic car owners do a lot of make overs to their vehicle after purchase like car refinishing, interior makeovers, changing wheels, etc. Among the most impressive ones is lifting of the car. It can be done using lift kits. By using the lift kit, the car has a lot more ground clearance than normal changing how the car looks and performs says experts at

Depending on what you prefer and the off-roading you do and your driving style you will have to buy the lift kit. Whatever be it, there are a few basic things that a driver who wants to purchase a lift kit has to understand.

The purpose of lifting a car is to give more clearance from the ground so that larger sized tyre can be used in the car.

Type of car lifts

There are two types of car lifts, body lift kits and suspension lift kits.

Suspension lift kits: These kits are designed to give more ground clearance to your vehicle and is commonly used in 4*4. The front and the rear shocks are replaced, and the suspension of the car is raised. The elevation of a car can be done up to a maximum of 18 inches to a minimum of 4 inches. Use of taller kits can be dangerous to drive as you will have to handle the impact of elevation.

Body lift kits: This kit helps the car to clear the ground by up to 3 inches more from its usual clearance. The body of the car is lifted from the frame by using blocks, this changes the look of the car as well as gives the needed elevation to install a larger tyre. Note that the body lift kit does not increase the vehicle’s clearance off the ground.

Lift kit that suits your car: Based on what kind of tyre you want to install to your vehicle and how high you want it raised will be the deciding factor on whether you want to use body or suspension car lift. Apart from considering the make, model and year of your vehicle, you will need to know what your new tyre width should be and how much you want to elevate your car. To know what size of car lift to buy you can measure the diameter of the wheel as well as the car’s clearance. Based on these measurements you can then compare with the lift kit brands measurements available in the market.

The next thing to figure out is the need for wheel adapters to be bought along with the car lift kit. Wheel adaptors or spacers are required when lifting a car beyond the 19 inches and installing big wheels. The larger tyres rub the rims on the motor vehicle frame. The best way to avoid usage of spacers as it is an additional cost apart from buying lift kit is to purchase wheels after buying the car lift kit.

After installation of the kit is it important to drive prudently as it gives an entirely new feel and getting used to driving it can take a while.

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