Some Facts About Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


This article is intended to provide some facts and opinions about air cooled heat exchangers. You can visit this website to buy some quality heat exchangers. These air cooled versions of heat exchangers are used to remove the excess of generated heat during the process. For example, a car engine can get overheated due to the moving mechanical parts and combustion process. A small amount of heat can be useful for heating some components can be heated, but the unwanted heat should be somehow dissipated. This is the reason why coolant is used, which helps in removing the excess heat. You may visit to know more about different types of heat exchangers.

As the name says, air cooled heat exchangers does not require any form of a liquid, but use air to remove the heat. This type of heat exchangers use finned tube bundle efficient heat removal. There can be one or more fans, depending on the construction of the device. The fan is powered by a motor, whose speed could be adjusted. The tube can be many of any material such as stainless steel, carbon steel or exotic alloys. The thickness of the wall of the tube may vary depending on the pressure and temperature of the exchanger. The fins are mostly constructed in aluminium.

Extruded fins are used in some applications. These fins are mostly used in coastal areas as they are very resistant to corrosion. Some manufacturers even manufacture customized fins to increase the air turbulences. Some heat exchangers have forced draft construction, while some have induced draft construction. Forced draft requires less power and is easier to maintain. The possible problem with forced draft is that it can cause accidental air recirculation. This problem is not possible with the induced draft models.

Heat exchangers come either painted or galvanized. Painted construction is expensive as it requires multiple coatings. Of late, more people prefer galvanized construction as they require very less maintenance. The air cooled heat exchangers allow the user or operators to control the level of heat dissipation. The level of control may vary with a model to model. Different types of controls such as manually operated louvers, pneumatically/electrically operated louvers, warm-air circulation systems, etc.

When ordering the heat exchangers for your site or plant, you should ensure that you are ordering the right one. Each type of device has its list of advantages and disadvantages. You should figure out, which one suits your site the best. You should also know how to operate the heat exchangers rightly and also spend time for the required maintenance activity. There are manufacturers for heat exchangers across the world. You should deal with the manufacturer, who can offer heat exchangers according to your requirement and specification.

There is a lot of money required to invest in buying the heat exchangers. This is the reason, why you should ensure that you choose the ideal heat exchangers. You have to thoroughly browse all the options to choose the ideal solution. There are many websites on the Internet to enlighten in these matters.

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