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10 Easy Ways to Operate a Forklift In A Safe Way


A forklift is a necessity in places where it is required to lift and load stock items into the racks that are placed at different heights. Almost most of the industries have some use or the other for a forklift as more businesses are moving towards this to reduce the effort of manual labor. A person who operates it should have proper forklift training to be able to use it carefully. There are many types of forklifts which can be used and you can get to know about them from howstuffworks.com. Here are some simple and easy tips to operate a forklift safely.

1. Only qualified professionals have to operate the forklift. They should not only be trained but also have a license in order to operate it.

2. Every job has specific clothing associated with it and so does operating a forklift. The usual safety precautions consist of a hard hat that is to be worn at all times, shoes that can keep the feet safe in case of any fall and also jackets that are highly visible. The fit should also be reasonable as loose ones can get stuck in machinery.

3. The equipment has to be examined before the actual use. Make sure the brakes, the steering, warning devices, controls and the tires are all in proper working condition. Consider the complete load that is to be carried and choose the right forklift for it.

4. Check up all the controls before you start working on the forklift. All the other required equipment have to be in a reachable position so that you don’t have to get down for each of them. Also, the seat has to be in position, and the mirrors should be clean and in the right angle. Do not start the forklift without wearing your safety belt.

5. The surrounding environment should be properly looked at and studied. The height and weight of the load as well as the overhead guard have to be studied properly to avoid any topple of the forklift.

6. Keep a check on the speed at which the forklift is being operated. Particular attention has to be given when turning around the corners. Avoid any hazards like uneven surfaces and slippery conditions.

7. Ensure that the load is stable and also secure to be moved around in the forklift.

8. Make sure that there is a good visibility, especially when you have to take the forklift into ramps or doing a reverse.

9. Do not overload the forklift. Most of the accidents happen only because of overloading it with excessive load, much more than it can handle.

10. The load should be evenly distributed and not accumulated in one place as this could also prove to be dangerous.

In addition to the safety tips mentioned above, you should ensure that the refueling of the forklift is done only at particular locations. Before the end of the shift, make sure that the engine is switched off, and the forklift is parked in the designated location without any load on it.