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Thierry Weinberg prospectus

FingersMalloy Thierry Weinberg has a wide range of experience in the business consulting field. His vision for companies moving forward include sound investment strategies, workforce optimization, competitive business analyses and market planning.

Unification of company goals belong at the front of the list of Thierry Weinberg’s list of accomplishments. The interactive communication skills he has can invigorate all levels of work force assets including and especially the chief executive officer and bring the kind of cooperative energy to staff that only the best consultants can bring.

Synergy of goals and executive planning on all tiers of enterprise structure is what has excited the co-workers and employers of Thierry Weinberg as every stop on his career path has been marked by superior performance improvements and actual bottom line results. Once the company begins to feel his impact, the staff meetings he leads bubble with promise and excitement.

His success in marketing endeavors has lead companies on the verge of shuttering back to profitability in a matter of months. One clothing company who hired him as a consultant moved its bottom line from red to black in six months by consolidating its supply chain and streamlining its work force and marketing its summer wear line with an imaginative ad campaign that won awards for innovation.

No company is too big or too small for Thierry Weinberg. One family-owned restaurant hired him for a month and the viral marketing campaign he implemented not only brought about profitability within a quarter but saw the company begin plans for expansion. He brings ideas both out-of-the-box and conventional every day to each and every project he engages and is not afraid to say “no” to anyone.

Thierry Weinberg can turn a business idea to a complete turnkey solution for aspiring entrepreneurs. From writing a business plan and conducting a marketing survey to finding investors and hiring staff, he brings vast knowledge and experience to starting a business and seeing it through to fruition.