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Commonly Used Smart Techniques To Clean Your Carpet

smart way to clean carpet

Carpet cleaning is now a thriving industry. There are some professional carpet cleaners around the place. Boas Cleaning Services is a leading firm that has many success stories to share. You can easily get many ideas about this industry from www.houzz.com. Not every carpet is cleaned in the same way. There are numerous ways of getting a carpet cleaned. Let’s take a look at some of the most common, yet effective techniques that are being used nowadays.
Methods commonly used:-
· Host cleaning,
· Encapsulation cleaning,
· Dry-cleaning,
· Steam cleaning.

Host cleaning
This method is also known as the Absorbent compound method. The first step is to vacuum the carpet; Then a wet hosting compound is applied all over the surface. This compound absorbs the dirt particles.Upon vacuuming once more; they are all removed from the carpet. The method is quick and cheap as well. The drying time is also comparatively less. So this is a much-preferred technique.

Encapsulation is a commercial method used in places where a zero drying time is highly preferred. Here a cleaning agent is scrubbed onto the carpet using a machine. This agent upon drying forms crystals.In the process, the dirt particles are also encapsulated. These crystals can then be removed by vacuuming. The crystallization process continues even after the initial vacuuming. So to ensure thorough cleaning and get best results, it is best to vacuum regularly.

Dry cleaning is another popular method in which a liquid cleaning agent is sprayed on the surface of the carpet. This soaks the dirt particles embedded among the carpet fibres. Then a buffing machine is moved across the carpet.It will have a cleaning pad that picks up all the dirt particles. The pad is replaced by a clean one when it gets soiled. Dry cleaning may not work well with liquid stains. Also due to an absence of vacuum cleaning, heavily soiled areas will not be as clean as when techniques like steam cleaning are being used. However, the biggest plus point is that the drying time is very less.

Steam cleaning
The method is also known as hot water extraction type. Here a cleaning agent is spread across the carpet to catch hold of the dirt particles. Then high-pressure water is sprayed which removes the dirt.

Along with this, a wet vacuum is also used to remove the steam, dirt and cleaning agent. It is also possible to disinfect the carpet using this method as it involves steam application. There are very few drawbacks to this method which makes it the most preferred one among all the others.

The techniques mentioned above are only a few of the many used by professional cleaners. It is a good idea to get some professional help once in a while to maintain maximum hygiene in your surroundings. The professional cleaners will be aware of how to remove the dirt, dust and sludge from every nook and corner of the rooms. Your carpet will be as good as new if carefully maintained.