The Top Benefits Of Email Marketing


Most of us are under the impression that email marketing has long lost its charm all thanks to the changes and advancements in technology. But just think how many times you have opened your email in a day. Most of us check our email more than once every single day. This itself proves that email marketing still has value and can be effective. According to , the online email business marketing is still one of the strongest mediums for promoting one’s business. The website has made an interesting observation that email marketing is more effective on the Thanksgiving than on other days. The sales are also observed to shoot up high during the Thanksgiving Day.

Here are some of the top benefits of email marketing:

The main advantage of email marketing is that it is comparatively very easy and simple. Email is one of the basic computer application, and almost everyone knows to check emails nowadays. By the process of email marketing, you will be able to reach a large section of customers easily and quickly.

Email marketing is regarded as one of the most economical methods of marketing. There are no costs of designing ads, testing it, implementing and sending the printed newsletters or leaflets. Just open your email, draft a letter and send it! It is as simple as that. It also supports green marketing as it involves a paperless promotion.

Easier To Track
It goes without saying that emails are much easier to track. Users can easily track and be tracked using click-throughs, bounce messages, analytics, and subscriber counters. All these are efficient methods to measure positive as well as negative responses. It can also be used to correlate the sales and marketing rates. The open rates can also be measured easily.

Subscribe And Unsubscribe Options
Emails always have subscribe and unsubscribe options. This helps you to identify those who are interested in your products or services. If they are not interested in your business, they will unsubscribe. Hence, there is no wastage of marketing such as that in the case of print ads where people just crumble it up and throw it out.

Immediate Response
Direct mails are often slower regarding response rates. It has been observed that direct mails take about 7-10 days to garner response. But email marketing gets a much faster response within 1-3 days. In the case of online sales, the response is almost instantaneous. A large number of email subscribers who are interested to know more about your products/services can be reached within minutes.

No Geographical Boundaries
Emails always have a global reach. You can contact any person across the globe within a matter of seconds. All the targeted emails can easily reach their intended recipients quickly. Hence, email marketing is considered as a no boundary marketing technique.

Emails have a more personal touch attached to them. You can greet each customer by their name, even if it is with an algorithm. This gives it much more impact than other modes of advertisements which are widely targeted at the public and not on a personal level. You could even make use of the marketing segmentation and send similar messages to small groups of customers and improve the results.

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